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An experiment using Natural Hydrogen Waterr from Mt. Fuji, which we provided, was conducted in the Kagoshima University graduate school.The results of the experiment have been posted on the PLOS ONE journal published by PLOS on January 10, 2013.
  What is PLOS?
The Public Library of Science was established in October 2000, and began publication in October 2003.One of their hubs is in Cambridge, England.
It is considered to be the biggest non-profit open-access publisher.
(From a lecture by Peter Binfield at the 5th SPARC Japan Seminar 2011)
  What is PLOS ONE?
PLOS ONE is an academic journal which is chosen by more than 70% of writers around the world as the first or second choice to submit their papers.
14,000 of articles were posted in 2011and PLOS ONE became the largest publication of the year in the field of science, medicine, and engineering.
(From the lecture referenced above)

The words "VANA Co., Ltd." (the former company name before merger) and "natural H2 water (NHW) drawn from Mt. Fuji" are mentioned in the article.
Please search "VANA Co., Ltd." on the PLOS ONE official website to view the article. You can also click the link for the corresponding page below.

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